last modified: November 22 2002

An Open Distributed Processing Environment

Version 3.0

Installation instructions

Before using the examples, re-compiling completely or partially the distribution, or re-generating the documentation, you have to perform a few operations, explained here: html pdf

Getting started with Jonathan

Some examples to get started writing applications

Implementation docs

o Idl Compiler documentation
o Jonathan API Guide with frames or without frames
o Revision history
oMonolog integration in Jonathan documentation.

Related papers

This distribution contains a white paper describing Jonathan and the objectives of this implementation (html pdf).

For the time being, there is no up-to-date description of the architecture of Jonathan and of the underlying concepts. You will find here some indications. The following papers, although quite obsolete as far as the implementation is concerned, also explain a number of principles that have been implemented in Jonathan.

o Jonathan: an Open Distributed Processing Environment in Java: html PostScript
o Requirements for a Real Time ORB PostScript


The Event Channel implementation is a port from the implementation provided by another Open Source ORB: JacORB.

Jonathan includes a very small (yet useful !) XML parser called NanoXML, provided by Marc De Scheemaecker under its own licence. The provided version has been slightly modified to suit our own purposes, and therefore included in the source hierarchy to avoid incompatibilities.

The Licence

Jonathan is licenced under the GNU Lesser General Public Licence. This applies to the files adapted from the JacORB distribution too.

Some files provided by this distribution are licensed under a different licence: in this case, the applicable license is clearly mentioned in the file header. For the time being, this restriction applies to IDL and Java source code provided by the Object Management Group., and to the NanoXML files (see the NanoXML licence).

If a file doesn't mention the licence applicable to it, then it should be considered as licensed under the terms of the LGPL.